What makes the surprise box singapore special as a gift?

by Julia Geiser

For many Singaporeans, presents are the most prized and valuable assets since they contain so much of the giver’s affection and love. Flowers have long been a classic present. They contribute to life’s beauty. Their scent can make anyone’s day better. One has a wide range of options to choose from, including floral envelope boxes and flower domes, to communicate your thoughts for your dear ones. However, the beloved option these days is the surprise box singapore adores these days.

What is a surprise box singapore loves?

These days, bloom box flowers are getting a lot of attention. A floral arrangement in a basket or a box is known as a surprise box. Flower arrangements are in vases. Making a surprise box is far easier than making a typical vase arrangement. It is why they’re such a favoured gifting option for many.

Can I make a surprise box myself?

Store-bought gifts look beautiful and perfect as professional decorators create these. However, nothing compares to the handmade ones, making them more personal and heartfelt. Creating a beautiful surprise box at home is easy and needs a bunch of items to put together.

surprise box singapore

The following materials are required:

  • A lovely box or basket at home or purchased at a craft store
  • A glass bowl small enough to fit within the box
  • Foam of flowers
  • Flowers of choosing


  • Placing the bowl in the box
  • Cutting the floral foam to fit the bowl’s proportions
  • Placing the foam in the bowl and dampening it with water
  • Decorating the box’s edges with the filler flowers (Cutting the stems as needed To fit the flowers in the box)
  • Filling the centre after the edges
  • Filling up the gaps with filler flowers to completely cover the foam
  • Filling up the gaps with different flowers of choice

Where can I buy a surprise box?

Here are the top names.

  1. Simply Hampers – They include exquisite designs in their bouquets, table arrangements, and flower boxes.
  2. Simply Blooms – They feature a diverse selection of fresh and gorgeous flowers in their surprise boxes with new designs every week.
  3. Farm Florist – They are a low-cost brand that provides customers with high-quality flowers arrangements like glass domes, bouquets, and surprise boxes.

It’s not difficult to make a beautiful surprise box singapore oneself. These may be made at home with a little forethought. Surprise boxes are adored because they look and feel like a lovely floral gift. These are ideal for making loved ones happy while also strengthening ties.

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