What Is A Quartz Banger – How Does It Work?

by Julia Geiser

Converting the concentrates into usable vapor needs a heating source. While many water pipes and rigs come with a simple glass nail to use for the concentrates, for those serious people who want an upgrade to a much more durable option, one of the most popular options of specialists is the quartz bangers.

Quartz banger means

A quartz banger is a deviation of a concentrate nail that allows the user for heating concentrates while delivering more effects and flavors than the other heating methods. A constructed single-piece quartz banger is used coupled with a water pipe for heating the concentrates and delivering vapor through a water pipe to the mouth. The banger’s anatomy includes the bucket; the concentrates are heated with the joint that will be connected to the water pipe.

The simple construction prevents a lot of extra pieces typically associated with glass nails using a dome is necessary. The quartz banger’s simplistic design makes maintenance easier and stops small and losable pieces.

quartz bangers

The right concentrate heating source!

Quartz bangers are standard for people who prefer concentrates. The prevalence of the concentrate accessory is the inactive nature, chemically inactive. It avoids any unwanted flavors that impart upon the compounds. The inactivity makes it hard for the materials to stick to quartz because of being not porous.

The property is not only easy to clean. It prevents losing precious concentrates, otherwise absorbed by low-quality glass or ceramic.

Dabbing quartz banger

A quartz banger doesn’t shatter when used, even exposed to high heat. In comparison to other materials, quartz is durable. It is more stable and studier than glass, and safer than titanium. Safety heats the surface area of the quartz banger until becoming red hot without worrying about an explosion. It never explodes!

Quartz is the best way to consume it because it is one of the hardest materials existing. A quartz banger is better because of its durability, compared to the other similar materials like a glass banger. Smokers prefer how reliable quartz banger is when dabbing because of two best reasons:

  • Flavor enhancement
  • Heat resistance

Benefits of a quartz banger

There are several benefits when using a quartz banger. If you don’t have any idea what these benefits are, here are they:

  • Excellent heat retention
  • Don’t dull the flavor
  • Extremely durable

A quartz banger is superior to any type of nail or category. It withstands ultra-low temperatures and extreme heat. When dabbing with a cannabis concentrate, the features and design of the quartz nail offer great flavor without dulling. The banger can almost outlast the user. Thanks to the durability and natural hardness.

Therefore, if you get a good quartz banger, you will have a smooth, full-effected, and intense dab at every smoke session.

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