Four Eyelash Extension Tips And Tricks That Will Save Your Life

by Julia Geiser

Eyelash extensions are an essential part of the complete beauty regime. By having the perfect set of extensions, you will be able to change your entire look and invite stares as you walk down the streets. This article has compiled some eyelash extension tips and tricks to help you take care of them better.

Cleanliness is Godliness

Keeping eyelash extensions clean is the best way to maintain them. Face wash is not necessary. A lash cleanser will do the job just fine!

For removing makeup and eyeshadow from the eye area, we recommend using an eyelash cleanser brush. Wash gently over the lash line and eyelid in downward motions. Make sure all products are removed from your eyes by rinsing them thoroughly.

Skipping the checking could be disastrous

Everyone has gorgeous, long lashes without wearing mascara with lash extensions! However, it is totally fine for some of you to still wear mascara occasionally. As long as the mascara has been specially formulated for lash extensions, that is.

If you are a mascara fanatic, ensure you use water-based mascara. Look closely at those labels to make sure this isn’t the same thing as waterproof mascara! If you have lash extensions, be sure to use mascara that is safe for them and to apply only a single coat.

Lash friction is a no-no

If you don’t need to cause any extra friction or rub to your lash extensions, why bother? Your lash area should not be itched, pulled, rubbed, or tugged. A lot of people have made the switch to silk pillowcases so they don’t have to deal with constant physical contact.

eyelash extension tips and tricks

If you come into contact with water, don’t worry! Lash extensions can be safely worn while swimming and while washing your face. Don’t forget your goggles before you go surfing, speed boating or swimming in saltwater!

Lash extension refills, however, are a yes-yes!

While each tip that has been mentioned here is equally important, the most important one is definitely maintaining refills for your lash extensions. Ensure you do not skip out on your refill appointments, and attend them at least every two weeks. This will help you become the head-turner that you have been aspiring to become! Your lashes will enhance your beauty tenfold.

Your natural lashes shed frequently, as such, it is wise to not wait for too long before you get a refill, since there will be a gap in your lash line. Waiting too long may result in having to buy a new set, which could cost you money and time.

Eyelash extension tips and tricks are essential so that your extensions do not fall apart at the wrong time. If you follow them to the T, you will be able to maintain your status as a beauty icon for even longer!

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