Car Insurance Singapore Policies In Times Of Crisis

by Julia Geiser

You must have thought at least once in your life that, what good is buyinggoing to do? Why waste money on it? car insurance singapore is a much-needed consideration while purchasing a car. People usually tend to neglect it due to the additional money required. But these days, when the number of accidents is increasing day by day, it is necessary to spend some money on your security.


Driving is becoming more and more dangerous and hazardous every passing day. Rash and negligent driving, dodging are common phenomenas observed on the streets. As a car owner the consequences of an accident can be staggering and overwhelming. The only solution to avoid such risks and safeguard you against financial losses from damages to your vehicle and all your liabilities, is to claim insurance for the same. Filing a car insurance claim could be a daunting task as you have already suffered the loss, but here’s why one should file for an Insurance claim in case of anemergency such as  :

Car Insurance

  • Damage caused to the vehicle:In case your vehicle gets damaged due to any sort of accident fire or natural calamities you will be protected and taken care of. Moreover in case of theft, riots or strikes, your insurance police have got your back.
  • Third party liabilities: If your vehicle is involved in the damage caused to the property of any third parties,the carinsurance has you covered. Even in case of any bodily injured third party or death, the insurance safeguards you from the same.
  • Large network of service houses:Car insurancesMay also provide you with a large number of service centres across the country. This enables you to claim for cashless or free services across the country. This feature makes it convenient for drivers or vehicle owners in case of any damage caused.
  • Consumable expenses cover: This feature covers all types of motor lubricants and oils – break oil, steering oil, break oil, radiator coolants. This works as a add on cover which helps save money on small but frequent repairs.
  • NCB (no claim bonus):No Bonus Claim is a discount feature that is offered to the owner of the vehicle as a part of the insurance claimed. It is rewarded to the vehicle owner if he / she haven’t made a single claim during the term of the insurance policy.

Make sure at time of claiming a car insurance, you do not have to undergo a long and tediousprocess. The insurer thereby would help with provide with the additional convenience of purchasing the policy.

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