Knowing More About taoist funeral services singapore

by Julia Geiser

In the Taoist tradition, when someone passes away, the family members are supposed to clean the body. They need to complete this action using a wet towel that is covered in powder which can be talcum powder. After the completion of this process, the deceased needs to be dressed in their nicest clothing in white, black, brown, or blue. The colour of the clothing does not matter much as long as it is not something red, which is often associated with the dead person’s spirit becoming a ghost. If someone is interested in finding out more about the taoist funeral services singapore, they should keep in check with these customs and beliefs to avoid making any dreadful mistakes.

A yellow cloth is used to shield their face while a blue fabric sheathes their body. This is ensured till the time they are finally put in the casket. It is believed that the face of the deceased is forbidden and one should never look directly or through the reflection of a mirror at their face. This could result in the person getting closer to their death as well. Therefore, all mirrors and reflecting surfaces are supposed to be covered or prohibited near the dead body. A sacred ceremony is also carried out before completing the funeral process where high importance is placed on highlighting the elements in nature including fire, water, earth, and metal. Some incense sticks are used to complete the ritual where people often offer fruits and items enjoyed by the deceased to them by thanking them for providing you with life and resources.

taoist funeral services singapore

The taoist funeral process

The rituals involved in the Taoist funeral focus on the concept of life and its appreciation as compared to talking about death. The rituals performed during the funeral process are focused on the realization of the purpose of life to protect the spirit from any harm after the person has passed away. A priest chimes scriptures as others play various musical instruments including drums, symbols, woodwind tools, etc.

The lotus flower also plays an important role in the completion of the ceremony. There is also a custom of burning paper shaped into items that the deceased might need in their next life such as houses, servants, and clothes so that they can receive them in their next life. Hence, make sure to get the best funeral services.

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