Why You Need Lab Renovation Today?

by Julia Geiser

It’s time for a complete remodel if your current laboratory space is no longer functional and is hindering rather than advancing your research. Even though this can be a challenging task, especially if the lab is always in use, the long-term advantages are significant. So the best way to achieve a perfect lab is a fully scaled lab renovation.

Why Is Renovation Necessary? Indicators of Lab Renovation

lab renovation

Construction and refurbishment projects for laboratories can be costly and time-consuming. However, getting a luxurious, well-appointed laboratory space in return is frequently worth the trouble. Do you have a large laboratory refurbishment planned but are unsure if it is necessary? Here are some of the most telling indications that a laboratory refurbishment is necessary.

  • Chemicals and equipment need a lot of storage space in a laboratory. Items may start to rust with time and frequent usage in the different laboratories and equipment. It will be difficult to store chemicals appropriately if your shelves and cupboards are rusting and in poor condition.
  • Time is money in almost every industry, and it is especially important in locations as time-sensitive as laboratories. As a result, your office cannot afford to lose money by spending endless hours calibrating and recalibrating old equipment. Even while periodic calibration is a normal and necessary aspect of keeping lab equipment in good working order, frequent calibration will not only lower production but also dramatically lower the performance of the lab equipment.

The Advantages of a Modular Laboratory Design

 A modular lab layout is more effective.

 Since they may be set up to best suit individual processes and preferences, modular labs frequently boost employee productivity. In contrast to permanent construction labs, there is less risk of workstations being blocked off, and personnel can designate clear, unambiguous travel routes that aid rather than hinder production.

 Total Flexibility to Meet the Needs of Your Lab

 Many of your lab personnel will require specific equipment to carry out their duties. They may be unable to execute their given responsibilities if the furnishings and equipment do not best suit their individual demands. You may completely personalize each workstation with modular laboratory furniture to ensure that your experts are supported in completing their jobs. To establish unique workplaces for each of your technicians, you may quickly improve the worksurface, add electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection, and vary the size of the modular lab furniture.

They are simple to clean.

Last but not least, modular lab architecture makes it much simpler to maintain cleanliness and health standards. Your lab can be kept as spotless as possible because you can move casework, tables, and chairs with little effort. This makes routine maintenance easier and reduces the possibility of being exposed to harmful particles, chemicals, or gases.

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