Find The Best IVF Specialist In Singapore

by Julia Geiser

IVF is never a simple process. However, it is one of the most worthwhile adventures one can undertake. If you’re seeking an international medical destination with the most up-to-date aided productive technology, Singapore is the place to go. Singapore fertility specialists have had great success with IVF since 1982, with Asia’s 1st IVF baby born in the country in 1983.

Singapore has been a trusted destination for couples dealing with infertility challenges in recent years, particularly those with severe medical concerns. Both public and private hospitals have IVF specialists. These are the places where you can find IVF specialistsSingapore:

ivf specialist singapore

  • KKIVF center: KK IVF Centre is the fertility department of KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, and it offers a wide range of infertility diagnoses and treatment treatments. It is widely regarded as not just Singapore’s but also Southeast Asia’s leading infertility center. It has also done over a thousand fresh cycles and hundreds of frozen cycles per year over the previous ten years.

The KKIVF Centre has assisted many people, both locals and foreigners, who have been suffering from various infertility issues, including couples that are having difficulties reproducing, women suffering from infertility, and men suffering from infertility.

  • The OG clinic: This Clinic is dedicated to giving the finest possible care to all of its patients in a relaxing and welcoming environment. You will be connected with a team of skilled fertility doctors and specialists that will guide you through the entire process, from screening tests to diagnosis, treatments, and recovery. You can schedule a virtual meeting with them with just one click.
  • Thompson fertility center: This clinic is noted for having one of Singapore’s highest IVF success rates, with an average of 80% in females under the age of 30. In 2016, their estimated overall pregnancy rate was 60%. Many Singaporeans and PRs choose this center as their first choice when looking for a private fertility center with low pricing.

It’s due to their S$7999 package, which includes ultrasound scanning, egg collection, embryo transfer, laboratory tests, nurse care, and use of the OT and recovery rooms. In addition, to assist with financial management, an interest-free installment payment plan is provided.


Most of the centers are huge, well-equipped, and employ the most experienced fertility specialists. These were just a few best ivf specialist singapore, stay tuned for more!

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