What are the necessary guidelines in buying a down jacket?

by Julia Geiser

The down jacket is insulated clothes with soft and warm feathers from the geese or duck. Many women down vest with fur hood is used to make a small air pocket that traps the warm air and maintains the heat. It is where it keeps you warm during the winter season. The down fill will be from a duck down, goose down, or combination. All the jackets use these features to make you feel warm, for those jackets that use the variety of geese and duck are sometimes affordable to buy. Different types of down vest are available in the market. To buy the best quality, you have to consider these tips.

Types of making a jacket


It is the usual type of women long down vest that people wear. The sewn-through is made between stitches because the outer fabric is sewn through to its inner lining. The clothes don’t have extra material, and it is usually lightweight compared to those using a box baffle method.

Box baffle

It has a small chamber down where it is divided by the fabric wall. You can imagine there are lines of squares. Touching it is what box baffle looks like when you haven’t seen one. The box baffle has more fabric than a jacket with a sewn-through process. And because it uses an additional material and the method is complicated, the box baffle items are somehow expensive.

Heated seamed

It is sometimes called bonded or welded, where the inner fabric connects the outer fabric using heat. It is a sewn-through method, but the chambers are made between the bonded baffle. But the process doesn’t include stitching which the warmth cannot escape easily from its seams. It is ideal for wearing because it is wind and water-resistant.

women long down vest

Outdoor material

The materials made for the outer vest will affect the jacket’s performance in its weight, warmth, waterproofness, and durability.

Weight and durability

When you buy a lightweight down jacket, it is made from a light and thin material for its outer shell. It is good to wear because it is lightweight, but they are more exposed to abrasions and snagging. Wearing it during the winter season is ideal. However, when you like to wear a jacket that can last for years, you can look for a heavier and thick outer shell.


The proper way to wear a jacket is to be fit correctly, not too loose or fit. You have to ensure that you can still add layers underneath it, but you must ensure that it is not too loose where the air can enter in your arms and hem. The down jackets are usually heavier than the standard waterproof jackets or wool coats. Ideally, giving an extra room to wear an additional layer is good.

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