Buy online Cool Gel memory foam mattress in Singapore

by Julia Geiser

Memory foam mattresses are known for their warmth and body molding, which can be problematic for hot sleepers. Hence, the makers had come up with a solution that is cooling the memory foam mattress with a gel-infused memory foam layer that promotes airflow, increases breathability, and provides a cool & dry surface for comfortable sleep.

So, are you a hot sleeper and looking for a mattress that can help you get some sleep without waking up in the middle of the night due to heat and sweat? Then gel memory foam mattress is the best mattress to get a comfortable and sound good night’s sleep. Are you looking for online options to buy it? In this article, we have listed some of the places in Singapore where you can buy a cool gel memory foam mattress online singapore and get it delivered to your home.

But first, let us tell you the brand and their prices, so you will know which brand to choose?

Memory Foam Mattress

Some of the well-known brands of cooling gel memory foam mattress


The Nectar brand is considered the best brand in Singapore for bed mattresses. It is multi-layered that enables airflow & breathability, which lets you get a comfortable sleep.

Price Range: $800 – $1400.

Zinus Cooling Gel mattresses

They combine coil spring technology with their cooling gel memory foam mattresses to provide comfort and full-body support while sleeping.

Warranty: 10 years

Price range: $ 200 – $500.

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Hybrid

The Brooklyn hybrid mattresses are made using Titan cool on the surface mattress to maintain the airflow and make it more breathable and comfortable for hot sleepers. The best feature of this brand is the availability of three-level firmness that allows the user to choose the firmness according to their need.

Price ranges: $800-$2000

So, these are our top 3 brands of cool gel memory foam mattresses available in Singapore.

List of online stores to buy a cooling gel foam mattress in Singapore


Bedandbasics is easy to navigate website, where you can use their search filter to find the brand & size of mattress you are looking for yourself. They purchase their products directly from the point of manufacturers and sell them to you, which lowers the cost of the product, and you get the product at the manufactured decided price. They provide delivery over $150 products and offer 100 days return policy.

Mattress Boutique

The mattress boutique allows its users to shop mattresses by their brand, size, and type. They provide factory-priced beds, and you save lots of bucks. Their customer support is available to answer all your queries.


A Cool gel memory foam mattress is an effective solution for hot sleepers to get a good night’s sleep. You can buy a cooling gel memory foam mattress from online vendors like bedandbasics and mattress boutiques, etc.

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