All about bicycle and it’s a lighting system

by Julia Geiser

A functioning bicycle light on the bike is essential. Pedestrians and cyclists depend on visibility in traffic when it is dark. There are no convincing arguments for a cyclist to forego a bicycle light. Especially in the dark months of autumn and winter, when it dawns earlier in the evening and gets light later in the morning, good bicycle lighting and bells can save your life so it is advised to buy bike bells online. A reflective safety vest that makes a cyclist recognizable is also suitable. A bicycle lamp in the front and a taillight on the two-wheeler are even required by law.

 The most important change is that the bicycle lights no longer have to be operated by a bicycle dynamo. Battery-operated headlights and taillights are also permitted. However, these must be securely fastened and, above all, fully functional when driving.

  • The bicycle lamp and rear light have a light intensity of at least 10 lux
  • the bicycle is a large white front reflector and back reflector mounted a large red
  • the petals have yellow reflectors that work both forwards and backwards
  • two yellow reflectors in the spokes of both wheels, reflective spoke clips or continuous reflective stripes on the flank

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Flashing lights attached to the bike are not permitted. Alternatively, headlights or a taillight on the helmet, clothing or backpack can improve visibility. However, these lamp sets are only intended to be used in addition to bicycle lights and are not a substitute for proper bicycle lights.

The light on the bike is for safety. Various sets of headlights and lights are available in stores. The LED light in particular is very popular. Compared to conventional light bulbs, LEDs do much better when it comes to energy consumption. LED requires significantly less electricity and even generates more lu. In addition, LEDs usually have a long service life. LED bicycle lighting makes perfect sense, especially for cyclists who use their bikes every day.

Light with LED works either battery-operated or with a rechargeable battery. However, battery-operated lamps have the disadvantage that they always need new batteries. Environmental protection, therefore, speaks against the long-term use of such bicycle lamps. Another variant of LED is connected to a bicycle dynamo, which supplies the LED light with energy. If you want to be sure that you never run out of energy for the lights while driving, you should opt for the variant with a dynamo. The only disadvantage here is the lack of an option to remove the bike light.

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