Understand the Duties & Responsibilities of a Labour & Employment Lawyer

by Julia Geiser

The law can be an expansive topic, which requires years of studying to understand. If you want to be a part of the legal system, you need to dedicate your expertise to a large composition of law. And if you’re the one who needs a lawyer, you should look for a reliable one that can provide excellent legal counseling and representation. Since lawyers work in specialized areas, you need to search for a lawyer that works based on the matter at hand. And if your issue revolves around employment matters, you need to look for a labour and employment law firm hong kong.

Many law firms are available in Hong Kong, such as LC Lawyers. They have employment lawyers that will guide you every step of the way. So if you want to know some of their roles, read on to know more.

Faces Legal Issues Due to  Workplace Safety

Workplace safety is one of the main problems in many workplaces. Employers are more concerned with their profit than the safety of their employees, which causes issues in the workplace. That’s how workplace injuries occur. After that, the employers fail to pay their employees for the compensation they deserve for their injuries. Aside from workplace injuries, some workplaces are not fit for work due to some health hazards. So if you’re facing this problem, engaging with an employment lawyer is the best course of action to legally sue your employer for the damages done due to their recklessness.

LC Lawyers

Provide Legal Representation with Harassment & Discrimination

Another role of an employment lawyer is to provide legal counselling and representation to victims of wrongful conduct, such as harassment and discrimination. Regardless of age, gender, and race – all employees must be treated equally. However, there are plenty of cases of discrimination and harassment, which affects employees in many ways. And so, workers that face such issues in their workplace should engage with an employment lawyer to help resolve the issue. And an experienced lawyer will know how to tackle these types of work-related problems.

Offer Legal Advice Due to Unfair Termination

There are cases where employers tend to dismiss their employees unfairly and then withhold payment of the justified severance packages. Fortunately, employment lawyers are trained to ensure that employers don’t get away with unscrupulous behaviour. They can assist victims in getting back their compensation. Aside from that, employment lawyers can provide their legal expertise to underpaid workers. This type of malpractice should not go without its necessary punishment.

The Bottomline

Work is work, and we all deserve to be compensated rightfully. At the same time, we need to get respect to make things equal. So if you’re experiencing work-related issues, engage with an employment lawyer now to know your rights as a worker.

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