What are Estate Planning Lawyers and What Do They Do?

by Julia Geiser

Estate planning lawyers are specialists in the field of estate law, which includes legal procedures that determine what happens to one’s assets after death. While this may not seem important in your 20s or 30s, you will likely have accumulated assets by the time you reach retirement age, and it’s never too early to start thinking about this important issue. This article provides an overview of what estate planning lawyers do and what they do, for more details visit Bratton law group.

What Is an Estate Planning Lawyer?

An estate planning lawyer is an attorney that specializes in assisting people with preparations for their death, whether it’s their own or a loved one. This can include things like writing trusts, wills, attorney documents power, etc.

Estate planning lawyers typically work with individuals who want to do everything possible to provide for those they leave behind when they die. There is no set age at which a person should seek the advice of an estate planning lawyer, but as life expectancy increases more people find themselves at risk of outliving their assets.

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What Does An Estate Planning Lawyer Do?

Estate planning lawyers help people to plan for their estates, which include the distribution of their assets after death. Estates can be complicated, so it’s important that someone with expertise in this area is on hand to guide you through the process. If you are looking for estate planning lawyer, ensure you choose the lawyer that good experience in the field and understand your situation.

Trusts or wills are two types of documents that an estate planning lawyer might help you draft. A trust is a legal agreement where you put some of your assets into a custodian who manages them for your benefit. A will is one kind of document that declares how you want the assets to get distributed after your death. These can both be set up by an estate planning lawyer depending on what type of person you are and what kind of legacy you wish to leave behind.

Final Word

Estate planning lawyers may be able to help people with wills, trusts, power of attorney, health care directives, guardianship, real estate transactions, and other legal matters related to estates. These professionals can provide guidance on the best way to provide for loved ones after death or incapacity by ensuring that all assets are properly distributed and protected.

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