Eaton family law group: reasons to choose them

by Julia Geiser

You can find a law firm or a lawyer with their self-practice very easily, what you do not find is a law firm or a lawyer that can be trusted as well as can get you the desired results. The Easton Family Law Group is known to have the best divorce lawyer in Houston TX. Not just divorce but they hold vast experience in family law.

Their Practice Areas

Child Custody-

According to the Texas State law when the parents are divorcing the children’s need is the topmost priority in the custody affair. The children involved are very poorly affected in these scenarios. It’s important that the wishes of the parents are rightly put in front of the court by their lawyer. There are several different custody arrangements available that could work out for both the parties involved and Eaton Group is aware of that with years of experience.


People wanting to divorce their partners have different reasons as to why they want to separate, they all come from a very different state. The Eaton law team understands this and they go above and to understand your needs to come up with the right solution and agreement that’s suitable for you.

Divorce Lawyer In Houston TX

Property Division-

Couples while being married share all of their properties, assets, and also debts. Sometimes both are contributing to the family income and sometimes only one amongst them. Finances are therefore a messy situation to get into. Only a good lawyer can help get all your demands accepted in an orderly fashion.

Military divorce-

Military divorce has different laws than that of a civilian divorce. It is way more complicated due to its shared pension and child custody laws. In fact, not every lawyer is eligible to take on the military divorce. Eaton group is amongst the very few to support you through a military divorce.

Child Support-

Child support is the most essential for children of a broken family. Its calculation depends upon various different factors like a parent’s financial capacity and the needs of the children. Eaton group not only helps you acquire child support for your child but also helps if it’s not paid regularly.


Mediation is not only cheaper but is also very private that can help you and your spouse come up to a final agreement and discuss your needs in a civilized manner. Eaton group can help you with all the heavy paperwork for your needs and coordinate with the partner’s lawyer to help negotiate the terms.

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