So, what is Gardening – An overview

by Julia Geiser

God has created the world and it’s most beautiful part is nature. Everyone wants to be surrounded by nature. It gives a fresh feeling and most lively boost for healthy living. Come on, who doesn’t love nature?

Gardening is a process in which growing of plants and trees cultivating is involved. It is also the part of horticulture (a part of agriculture) which combines with art, technology, business and science of growing plants. So, what can you grow in your gardens? Ornamental plants, beautiful flowering plants, shrubs, fancy plants for the purpose of decoration, fruits, vegetables and herbs and bonsai can be easily grown. They are useful in many ways. Like for example, an aloe Vera plant has a world of benefits for the user. Many people take gardening as relaxing activity. In their garden, one can either choose to grow one type of plant or different plants. Gardening makes one feel good when they are stressed. Gardening is not always tiring however; it is often enjoyed by many hobby enthusiasts.

tenets of gardening

Gardening can be classified in many different ways. The common form of his gardening expertise is the residential gardening. Many people who love nature definitely wants to stay close to plants and trees. It is generally done near the place you stay, maybe in the common area which is also referred as garden area. Residential gardening is also done in balconies, roof top area, window box and many other locations too. You can also see gardening taking place at non residential areas such as pubic garden, park, amusement parks, garden hotels and the tourist attraction areas. Basically these gardening areas are further take care by the staff members, Gardener or ground keeper.

Container gardening is nowadays very famous. A process of growing the plant in any container or glass whether it is outdoor or indoor is container gardening. Containers   such as bowl, pot, planters or basket hanging are used in the process.

Community gardening is also one kind of gardening which involves gardening of particular areas by a group of people. In order to produce good crops, best quality of fruits and vegetable this small group works hard in gardening.  Government, trust or non profits trust own such kind of gardening.

Organic gardening is the most trending gardening. This type of gardening is done by natural methods, sustainable methods, pesticides and fertilizers to grow biotech crops.

Basically, gardening is creativity. It is all about bringing in new additions to make one’s garden unique, creative and an eye catcher.

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