Learn More about Classy Timber, Savannah, And Teak Wood Flooring In This Article

by Julia Geiser

Whenever we enter a new house, the first thing we check is the house’s flooring. By that, we determine the status of the house, as flooring or floor covering is required in every household because they provide a finished cover to the floor structure of your house. This flooring allows you to walk freely on the cover without feeling the roughness of the floor material. The materials used to cover floors are wood, carpets, laminates, tiles, and much more. This article will discuss the perks and types of wooden floorings, such as teak wood flooring, timber wood flooring, and savannah wood flooring.

Why prefer wood flooring?

This question is often asked about why one should prefer wood flooring over other floorings, and the answer is that wood floorings do not go out of style. Whether you design an item of modern furniture or a traditional house, these wooden floorings will suit all. These wood floorings are perfectly engineered according to your house’s size, type, and temperature. Wooden floorings are a timeless trend because every wooden plank for wooden flooring comes from different grains in different sizes and shapes, making it unique for each house.

teak wood flooring

Why prefer teak wood flooring?

Teak woods are taken from the teak tree, a deciduous tree that produces high-quality teak when it reaches the age of 40, but with advancements in technology, good quality teak can be obtained at the early age of 10 too. These teak woods are mass-produced, and for that reason, they are expensive too. It is one of the best quality wood available on the market.

Teak woods have high oil contents, making themselves weather-resistant in most areas. These teak woods are mostly used in flooring, outdoor furniture, and boat decks as they offer good elasticity. Teak’s high oil content makes them resistant to insect infection too. Teak woods have high silica content making them renowned for blunting wood tools. The older the teak wood, the more beneficial it is for use.

Other types of wooden flooring options are:

  • Engineered wooden flooring
  • Savannah engineered wooden flooring
  • Wood flooring style
  • Solid wood flooring

These wooden floorings available in the market are eco-friendly, affordable wooden floorings that are better options than hardwood flooring that does not even resist slipping but these woods do, making it safe for the children.

These wooden flooring also gives an aesthetic and modern look to your house, making it seem cool and cozy at the same time.

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