How Interior Designing Evolved

by Julia Geiser

An ordinary space that is not being fully utilised can very well be transformed so that it enhances the functionality of the space innovatively. Also it makes it look great at the same time. An interior designer can change how a space looks such as an office or a house to meet the customers requirements and expectations. interior designing is the term used for making a space aesthetically satisfying from the inside and an interior designer is somebody who has the certificate in interior designing. It is the process of conception of an idea followed by the execution of it. These designs make the space look interesting.

Interior designing has really become a thing. it was not so much of a thing in the past. It was just an element in the whole construction process. Unlike today when we can see that interior designing firms have become an integral part of the construction process. hdb registered renovation contractor can provide innovative designs. They have the skills and the expertise for designing beautiful offices and houses.

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Owen Jones has created the concept of interior designing. In the 1900 he achieved significant milestones and later published The Grammar Of Ornament, which is a book that emphasizes on the fundamentals of interior design. Before the interior designing concept was not evolved, the retailers and manufacturers had a monopoly on designing till it came out as a distinct profession. The 19th century was the time when the middle class folk started flourishing because of industrialisation. This is when they started looking up for means to have a better living. Before the evolution of interior designing, large furniture stores did the job of an Interior Designer. Nevertheless, by the time we reached the 20th century, the entire business model of interior designing had evolved and this is when the interior design profession actually emerged.

Modern Interior Design

The modern style of interior design is the result of the evolution of society. It is about functionality and space utilisation. before people had to work under someone to become an Interior Designer, get training from someone who was seasoned and a professional. today this informal training concept alone is not adequate for someone to become an Interior Designer. You need to be certified from an art School, a university or a design school to work as a full fledged interior designer.

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