Ultimate Production Tracking Software: Operations Management App!

by Julia Geiser

Inspectorio is a manufacturing software for suppliers in keeping the work orders moving on time. The tools are designed to offer regular updates on the manufacturing cycle to stay informed about possible transformations in the production schedule. The process starts with the order submission and resumes up until the finished product is distributed to the end location.

How the production tracking software

The production tracking software makes it easier to plan and assign manufacturing tasks based on real-time data. The same with the MRP (Manufacturing Resource Planning) tracking solutions will help manage resources, update the supply chain partners, and then stay ahead of the demand. Stay a real-time overview of each work order by using the software.

Production Tracking

Production tracking software features

Several features of production tracking software are handled for your business:

  • Scheduling. It arranges the timelines for project orders established on staff availability and material.
    • Set milestones
    • Benchmarks
    • Due dates
    • Deadlines

All these are based on the work order.

  • Resource management. It determines how to use raw materials and the best source for production.
  • Job costing. Stay within budget by obtaining regular updates on orders as well as all associated job costs.
  • Share production updates. It provides production schedule updates to associates with the supply chain.
  • Inventory traceability. When orders are completed, use RFID systems or barcodes to develop inventory management.
  • Coordinate team communication. Manage in-person and digital communications between all team members to reduce downtime.
  • KPI data collection. Set own key performance indicators to ensure meeting the production goals.
  • Warehouse optimization. If storing finished orders at the warehouse before going to a distribution center, organize the space in maximizing storage.

Production tracking benefits

There are various benefits to using the software at the workplace, such as:

  • Real-time production updates. It provides real-time updates on the manufacturing lifecycle. You can access the workings of the whole shop floor, from one convenient software. You can see if everything moves smoothly or if production issues. Production tracking helps manage all the work, such as multiple production lines working.
  • Better manage resources. Sourcing raw materials to giving schedules to the workers. Prioritizing the resource to focus on the orders that matter the most.
  • Set realistic minimums. Setting per day, week, or month for the minimum goals of the team.
  • Anticipate supply chain demands. To increase productivity, you must increase or decrease the output to better suit the capacity. When working with the supply chain, get requests from the retailers, a more inventory based on forecasting data.
  • Provide quality assurance. The OEE depends on various factors, including the part quality. Accurate production tracking tools will let you find vulnerabilities and potential shortcomings in the production process.

Production tracking software is truly a notable app that can be used in your business to keep it going.

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