Perfect finishing with 5 room hdb resale renovation

by Julia Geiser

It’s a kind of decorating the building and making it look pretty. it is a profession where you are going to learn things about research, space planning, communicating with stakeholders about the given project or work. This profession has a course study in India and other countries they teach about interior architectureand it nearly takes three years to secure the certificate of the course.

Which is the interior designing type? and explain it?

Art deco is the first style that started in Europe in 20thC it mainly speaks about geometric shapes, streamlined and clean lines. the color of art deco is metallic colors,neutral color,bright color,and black and gives the glossy luxurious attraction with the inlaid woods with perfect finishing.

5 room hdb resale renovation

Types of interior designing

  • Mid-century modern
  • Scandinavian design
  • Modern architecture
  • American craftsman
  • Swiss chalet style
  • Rustic architecture
  • It’s about architecture,graphic design, and furniture the popularity of midcentury modern design has  its magic in Greenberg’s book, and nowadays the mid-century modern is outdated interior designing style and midcentury furniture design  like Eames lounge chair, knoll, Saarinen, ETC

It is a type of interior designing bare style using a blend of appearance to make sleek and modern to make it more pretty u can add contrast, choose mod furniture,choose muted colors ,colorful art in multies and use mixed textures

It is a style marked by monochromatic color palette and clear lines with natural materials and lights. it is more suitable for historical aesthetic movements elements of modern design are minimal home décor, neutral colors, open roof plan, long out draw furniture

It’s a American domestic architectural style. The name craftsman was derived from the furniture make Gustav Stickley this design was used in the part of southern California single-family smaller – scale craftsman is known asCalifornia bungalow its feature are square columns supporting the roof, double-hung window, shingle roof style, handcrafted woodworks, ETC

It presents a natural, hard, casual design style, this type has various designs like Tuscan, coastal, cottage, and modern rustic. the common modern thing used in the design is wood and for this, it suits simple and earthy colors to make it a bit attractive use the texture like area rugs, natural materials such as jute 5 room hdb resale renovation, seashells, and glasses, etc

By knowing all this we can conclude one thing to go through interior designing we need qualified knowledge and experience ideas. It’s not just about the good-looking building or area it is all about the plans and designs based on your works or projects.

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