Why Is Expat Medical Centre So Important?

by Julia Geiser

Osler Health International is a family GP practice that provides primary healthcare to adults, teenagers, children, and infants. Expat Medical Centre’s international doctors are here to give a caring and individualized service based on your needs, whether you have lived in Singapore for a long time or have just arrived.

About Osler Health International 

expat medical centre

Osler Health provides dependable, individualized care for you and your family.

There are several reasons why having a doctor who is familiar with you and your family is beneficial. We look after people from all over the world, and each country may have its own ‘norms’ in terms of healthcare. Having a family doctor is a highly appreciated and treasured practice in many nations. We believe that having a family physician in Singapore is especially beneficial for the following reasons:


  1. Your primary care physician learns about your personal and family history.
  2. Family doctors treat a lot more people than you might think.
  3. Family doctors can refer you to the appropriate specialist (as and when needed)
  4. You can save money by going to your family doctor.

Why is Osler health so popular?

Osler Health was founded on the notion that effective medical treatment begins with basic kindness. We’ve established a medical practice that prioritizes compassion for our patients, employees, and community. Our clinic’s general practitioners strive to get to know you and your family as a boutique medical practice, ensuring a genuine and individualized service.

Advantages you get from Osler Health?

  1. If you don’t want to travel to see a doctor, a video conversation is the best way for expat medical centre and families in Singapore to get medical advice. Our international team of doctors, trained in the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, and Austria, is available to answer any questions. Consult with doctors who are fluent in French and German.
  2. Compassion is essential to providing excellent medical care, according to Osler Health. As a result, our Giving Back campaign was formed by our Singapore team of experienced professional male and female doctors.
  3. Because many expats and families who visit our private clinic employ domestic help, our general practitioners have agreed to provide free cervical cancer screenings to their domestic workers (PAP test). All associated charges will be covered by our clinic (including health clinic time, doctors’ time, and laboratory costs).


So now that you’re familiar with the basics of oslar health insurance and the Expat Medical Centre benefits it offers, you’ll be well-equipped to use an expat medical center and be free of tension.

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