Why Apply For A Nursing Job Vacancy In Singapore

by Julia Geiser


Nurses are the lifeline of the medical field. While doctors may diagnose, cure and treat patients, the nurses care for the daily needs of the patients, observe their progress regularly, and communicate with them to know their basic needs. They provide the basic care and support patients require when in stressful situations or with medical problems. Nurses are expected to have a general knowledge of all medical practices despite not having a higher medical degree in it and are often the ones who need to be skilled enough to perform injections, sanitization, or emergency procedures. Therefore, for those interested in pursuing a career in nursing, there is a nursing job vacancy in singapore available for them to kickstart an occupation that fulfills both the individual and society simultaneously.

Why apply for a nursing job?

nursing job vacancy in singapore

  • It is a job that will never become redundant: No matter how much technology may advance, nursing is an occupation based on human interaction and support. The key tenets of nursing are to have a positive relationship with patients and to care for and be empathetic towards them.
  • An active environment: Since nurses are stationed around the patients, no two days are the same. Each working day is something new, saving lives by providing injections, sterilizing for surgery, assisting doctors, negotiating with patients, etc.
  • Scope for specialization: Being a nurse does not equal stagnation in a career. One can choose to pursue specific, unique specializations, either based on the medical areas or the type of patients one would like to attend. For example, pediatric nurses, surgical assistants, labor and delivery nurse, and several more.
  • A job of societal value: If one wishes to have a career of great importance, go no further than the medical field. Nurses, like other medical professionals, are the propagators and maintenance of good health care for society and the world. In the medical field, nothing else matters except to heal and protect, both qualities beneficial to the individual and society.
  • A variety of interesting work environments: Nursing is not limited to clinics and hospitals. Instead, individuals can explore different opportunities for client and nursing skills in places like corporate or school clinics, cruise ship or travel nursing, etc.


The reasons to become a nurse ultimately boils down to one’s personality and core values. For those who always looking after others with compassion and kindness while also having academic and career goals, nursing is the perfect occupation.

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