What Is Colon Cancer Treatment? Know Here

by Julia Geiser

Cancer caused in the colon part of your body is called colon cancer. It is present near the anus of your body. Colon cancer includes generally the surgeon, Medical oncologist, radiation oncologist, and gastroenterologist. This Colon Cancer Treatment is also very common nowadays with 7 lakh a year.

Types Of Colon Cancer Treatments

colon cancer treatment

  1. Surgery- It is the removal of a tumour and surrounding healthy tissue during surgery. It is the most common form of treatment and also part of a healthy colon and surrounding lymph nodes will also be removed during the process. There is laparoscopic surgery, colostomy, and radiofrequency ablation.
  2. Radiation therapy- It is used to treat cancer cells with high-energy x-rays. External beam radiation therapy is given 5 days a week for several weeks. Stereotactic radiation therapy is given when spread to the liver and lungs.
  3. There are given therapies with medications such as Chemotherapy, Targeted therapy and immuno therapy. Where chemotherapy is given by use of specific medication drugs to stop cancer cells from growing and dividing. The targetted therapy is given to cancer-specific genes and protein that increases cancer cells which are been destroyed to let not increase cancer cells. Immunotherapy uses the body’s natural defence to fight cancer cells and kill them before they multiply.

Side Effects Of Cancer Treatment

The main side effects of colon cancer treatment include pain in the body areas and difficulty passing out the discharge from the anus and also there are many mental and emotional side effects as well which can be reduced only by talking to friends and having good emotional attachment with the family. Cancer is sort of a disease which makes a person lonely so full family support is very crucial or else there might be side effects such as depression and many other sorts of behavioural changes.


Always talk to your doctor regarding your mental state and use the medication without skipping the medication anyways also go for regular check-ups and talk with your family about how you are feeling and don’t stay alone because it might hamper you mentally and also at the time of need no one would be there. So take care of yourself if you found your yourself with this disease and be mentally strong and take as much rest and nowadays at the age of mobile you can use it for recreation while in bed and also talk with friends.

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