What is the easy information about Australian wines?

by Julia Geiser

In every place, it has different climates which have a great effect on producing different wine styles. For you to broaden your knowledge about Australia’s wine. Not only is it famous for its wine making but also the Australian music festival. You have to understand the geographical differences of every vineyard. The wine estates that you will find in Australia are in South Australia, Tasmania, New South Wales, Victoria, and Western Australia.

The differences of grapes

Australia is known to grow great varieties of grapes which are the chardonnay, grenache, Semillon in whites, riesling, and more. Although the famous wine is the shiraz.

South Australia

In this place, it is known to be the mass producer of wine and it is known to market the oldest vines. The place has a hot and dry climate which perfectly ripens the grapes and makes rich, bold, and thick wines. There are different places that mass-produce the wines. But this place has the best version of wine from the stylish pinot noirs to rich and flavorful muscat.


Tasmania is known to have a cool climate that is out of Australia’s mainland. In this place, they are known for making riesling, chardonnay, and sparkling wine. But the best they make is the pinot noir. It is their delicacy and the place is known for it.

New South Wales

When you’re into white wines you have to go to this place and it is popular in the Hunter Valley. This place is mass-producing fine white wines. It is light alcohol and the Hunter Semillon is known for its dry, lemon fruit and strong structure. And it develops a soft and warm texture in the wine.


The place has different conditions for vine growing. Victoria is producing mixed Australian wine. It is producing 30% of wines compared to other places in Australia. The place has a colorful collection of different wine styles. And because it is known to produce different variations of wines below are the necessary places you have to know.

Yarra valley

The place is known to produce the best chardonnay and pinot noir. Later on, they are also producing the best shiraz in town.

Mornington Peninsula

It is bordered by the ocean which is cool and perfect for sluggish ripening of chardonnay and pinot. The place has controlled and pure examples of wines.

Western Australia

In a secluded place which is also known for its beautiful scenery, gold-sand beaches, and big Karri tree forests. The place has a cool climate. But during the summer it is breezy and mostly it is cold during the night which is a perfect way to make wine. The uncommon combination to make wine is they are using the ripeness of the fruit because it is fresh. This makes the wine attractive.

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