Difference type of education technology

by Julia Geiser

People have made up many diverse ways of sharing knowledge with the students. It started with using the pencil and paper then sharing the information on the radio and next television. But now the education technology has moved to a new level. Did you ever think the social media platform will be useful in education? Teachers can make the audios and videos to impart the knowledge. Teachers can use any of the different educational technology for teaching. Let us see some of the ways in detail.

  • Synchronous technology: you can learn both in the classroom and out of the classroom. The synchronous way is in which the live class is lead by an instructor. In this way, students can exchange their points of view in the class itself. For example, the virtual classroom where all the students and the teachers are connected at the same time and they can share their feedback, come to know about different ideas which are shared by the classmates. In this type of class, the students will learn to accept other people’s thoughts as they have to learn here by listening and learning from other classmates.
  • Asynchronous technology: This is self-paced learning. The learning in Asynchronous technology is through blogs, discussions in boards, emails, online textbooks, audios, videos, and many more. With this type of technology, the student can listen to the classes many times and can understand the concept at their own pace. There is no worry that they may be left behind in the classroom. If any people do not clear their exams due to slow in studies need not face the humiliation of being studying with the younger age students. You can find all the different courses in the asynchronous technology method.
  • Linear learning: Computer-based training is known as linear learning. It is a self-learning process in which you will be provided with CD’s and you need to read the content available in that. It is like reading a book manually. The assessments procedure is also very easy the student has to attend the assessment online which will be in multiple-choice question patterns where they have to select one option. The scores are scored using the online software and after submitting the questionnaire the feedback and results are given immediately. You will also get the passing certificate which you can print. This type of learning is better than reading the textbook as in this you can also have some videos and animations. 


Finally, due to the technology advancement, the learning has become more easy and comfortable.

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