Why Do Businesses need to Switch to IP Phones?

by Julia Geiser

This article might benefit you if you are a business owner or in charge of a business. If your business requires you to make many phone calls, most of your income must go into telephone bills. Many firms have a business to talk over phone calls and sometimes even require to take multiple calls at a time. The one solution to all these issues is the installation of Ip phones. Get your ip phone singapore installed at your office today.

Benefits of IP Phone

There is not much difference in the usage of Ip phones and analog phones. They are similar in look and user interface. The only difference is in its transmission. Unlike landlines, it uses a broadband connection to communicate. Listed below are some benefits of installing an Ip or VoIP phone in your office.

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Previously, when the technology was introduced, there was a need for heavy machinery installation to ensure connectivity. But cloud storage has eased the installation process. You can easily communicate over VoIP phones if your office has internet connectivity. Therefore, there is not much need for installation.

User Interface

There is no need for prior training to use this technology or the phones. You can use it like any other phone and needs no extra knowledge, anyone from old employees to the younger generation could use it easily. This ensures that everybody is included in the firm’s digitization process.

Cost Effective

Being transmitted over the internet, ethernet and LAN, there is no extra cost for copper wires interconnecting the phones and taking them to the phone towers. Since the transfer from vice signal to data and the reverse occurs over the internet, no extra charges are applied. Hence, you could save up to 60% on your landline bills.

Salient Features

You have some advanced features that accompany this attractive technology. There are options to document and record your call conversations. You can access call queues and attend multiple calls at the same time. You can also use instant messaging services from such phones. All these prove why VoIP phones need to be incorporated into firms.


VoIP is not the latest technology in town, but many firms are unaware of its benefits. The recent developments and advancements in cloud storage have made it even more sophisticated. It doesn’t require lumpsum money as an investment, cuts landline bills up to 60%, and is user-friendly. No other reason is needed to make a choice.

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