Textile Trade Shows in Shenzhen Exhibition

by Julia Geiser

Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Centre

This is a big project invested by the Shenzhen Municipal Government and jointly created by China Merchants Shekou and Overseas Chinese Town for operation. It is also known as Shenzhen World for short. It designates a massive exhibition and convention complex that includes exhibitions, conferences, and other events like games and performances, food, and retail.

The construction of the Shenzhen World Exhibition world began in late 2016 and was successfully completed in late September 2019. It was open to the world in November 2019. When it was completed, it stood as the new standard for an eco-friendly and smart venue.

It encompasses a huge area of 1.6 million square meters. Shenzhen exhibition has 19 technologically advanced halls.

What are the benefits of attending Textile trade in Shenzhen World?

There are various benefits for both exhibitioners as well as visitors. Some of them are as follows,

  • Future clients should be met and interacted with.

Attending an exhibition can help a company grow its audience, which will help you build your business. It can be difficult to stand out from the crowd and have a firm’s voice heard these days, especially if a company is attempting to gain new clients solely through phone calls and emails.

Meeting someone in person, on the other hand, is a different scenario. A trade show allows a brand representative to meet and engage with potential customers, and some consumers will purchase things during the show.

textiles trade shows

  • Boost the brand’s visibility

Attending exhibitions helps the brand to get in front of the targeted audience, which is a great way to promote a brand, strengthen the company’s image, obtain media exposure, and draw attention to the company in general.

  • Take Advantage of Cost-Effective Marketing

Exhibitions can be a cost-effective strategy to market a business instead of spending a large amount of money on advertising the services and products.

  • A new product can be unveiled

During such an event, a company will be able to swiftly measure the success of the launch and the product because the company will be able to get feedback from the crowd.

Textile trade shows in Shenzhen World

There are textiles trade shows that happen in Shenzhen exhibition, here gathers world’s finest and best textile and clothing companies every time. In the last exhibition, the exhibition center was filled up with roughly around 900 global textile manufacturers and companies related to that field. They showcased their best clothing materials. All kinds of clothing fabric one could be obtained in the world were gathered under one roof.

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