Office Meeting Booths – The New Need of Open-Space Workplaces

by Julia Geiser

In the modern workspace, there are a lot of distractions that disturb you from focusing on your work. There is no particular source of distraction but they can come from anywhere anytime, especially when you expect them the least. The main idea of co-working or shared working space revolves around many people around you – some engaged in deep discussions, some silent, and others lost in their own work. Co-working office spaces are affordable and let you escape from a coffee shop or your home office. The new generation of startups and freelancers find shared workspace quite attractive and flexible. In such an environment, you would require office meeting booths.

What is the idea of office meeting booths?

office meeting booths

You might not have heard of these booths yet as these are relatively new in the marketplace, but if you have, great. To organize a meeting in your open-office spaces, meeting booths are the answer.

These are the structures installed in shared office spaces that offer you proper privacy corners where you can have small meetings and share your ideas with your colleagues. You should not understand them as formal meeting rooms, but these are quite different. The idea behind this is that ideas tend to strike when there is an informal setting – cozy and comfortable.

Characteristic features of meeting booths

Office meeting booths are probably the best things to emerge in this era of open-concept workspaces. Some features responsible for their widespread popularity are mentioned right here:

  • Acoustic solution

The booths are made with top-class soundproofing materials to give you the privacy you require. The structure keeps even the minute detailing in mind to mitigate noise.

  • Personalized lighting

Meeting booths come with adjustable and personalized LED lighting. You can adjust them to control the brightness and temperature, along with an automatic motion detector.

  • Ventilated space

You might worry about ventilation in such booths but fortunately, there is no need for that. How? With customized airflow vents, you enjoy natural and constant air circulation.

  • Built-in charging

Worried about your phone or laptop running out of battery while in the meeting booths? You can also experience user-friendly and seamless charging at the table level to make them accessible. The booths come with one or two charging stations.

The best meeting booths

As the demand and popularity of these booths are on the rise, you will find them at various online stores. But make sure to choose wisely that will benefit you in the long term. You can visit the websites of the online stores that you have shortlisted for some more insights.

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