by Julia Geiser

In Phoenix, there are many used cars on the market today thanks to our car dealers, finance companies, and government run auctions. If you’re in the market for used cars, or just looking to get your current one serviced by one of the many technicians at nearby auto body shops in Phoenix, it’s important to know that new technologies are constantly being introduced that can help make the car buying experience better than ever before. Here are some technologies that are changing how people buy used cars in Phoenix and keeping them on the road longer than ever before.

Driver Assistance

If you’re looking for a used car, you’re in luck. Thanks to recent advances in technology, used cars are better than ever. Here are some driver assistance technologies that are making used cars safer, more efficient, and more fun to drive:

– All-Wheel Drive: With AWD, your next used car will be able to handle the most difficult of driving conditions with ease.

– Voice-to-text: Give commands with your voice.

– Autonomous driving: Take your hands off the wheel and just enjoy the ride.

– Rearview Camera: Installed on the back of your windshield so you can see what’s behind you, even when backing up.

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– Bluetooth Connectivity: Talk hands free with your passengers or take calls from your phone without reaching for it.

– Electronic Stability Control: Helps drivers maintain control of their vehicle by reducing skidding or spinning out of control during difficult weather conditions.

– Blind Spot Monitoring System: Senses any objects in blind spots, helpful when merging onto highways or turning into tight parking spaces.

Data Tracking

Advancements in data tracking are making it easier than ever to find a used car that’s perfect for you. Here are data tracking technologies that are making used cars in Phoenix better than ever:

1) Anti-Theft Protection: Many newer vehicles have anti-theft protection, which can detect when someone is tampering with the ignition or has opened a door and immobilizes the vehicle.

2) Digital Keys: In many cases, vehicles have digital keys which can be removed from the keychain and stored in a purse or pocket so that only authorized drivers can start the vehicle.

3) Built-In GPS: GPS systems allow users to know where their vehicle is at all times through an on-board navigation system and mobile app.

4) Remote Start Systems: Remote start systems allow owners to remotely start their vehicles from anywhere in the world through an app or smartphone program, often times even before they leave home or work.

4G LTE Connectivity

These days, we’re pretty much always connected. Whether we’re working from home or out and about, we rely on our devices to stay connected to the internet. And that’s why 4G LTE connectivity is such a big deal in the world of used cars. With 4G LTE, you can stay connected to the internet even when you’re on the go. And that means you can stream music, check email, get directions, and more.

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